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Welcome to IVIP9. Kindly read and understand the outlined terms and conditions before using the IVIP9 website. By checking the "I am 18 years of age or older, and I accept the terms and conditions, verification and privacy policy" box when you open an account with IVIP9, you agree to have read, understood. These terms of service will bind you for the full use of the IVIP9 website located at http://www.ivip9sgd.com. We use the most modern methods to secure your data, including encryption of the username and password information.


IVIP9/or its licensors own the intellectual property rights for all material on IVIP9. All intellectual properties are reserved. You may view or print pages from IVIP9 official website for your use in agreement with the restrictions set in these terms and services.

Our Policy

IVIP9 is dedicated to offering game players a fun and friendly gambling environment while also admitting that gambling can cause few individuals' problems. For this reason, we promote responsible gambling actively alongside encouraging our players to make use of the various gambling features to manage their accounts effectively.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. You obtain no right to republish, reproduce, duplicate, sell, rent, and redistribute content from our website.
  2. Engaging in casino activities and games is only open to residents of legally bound jurisdictions.
  3. Players are permitted to open only one real account as traces of multiple accounts owned by a single player will be closed.
  4. Information provided during the sign-up process will be kept strictly confidential. However, you might receive notifications from us regarding increasing your accounts' security by following the laid down steps.
  5.  Participation in our casino is your choice. You acknowledge that you do not find the casino offensive, indecent or unfair.
  6. You are permitted to enter the website for your own personal entertainment only and not for professional use. Any other use of the casino website is strictly prohibited.
  7. If any evidence of cheating is found either by using software or other automated systems, we reserve the right to cancel your account without notice to you.
  8. Winnings earned as a result of either game error or system malfunction will be nullified.
  9. In its sole discretion, the casino reserves the right to add new games or discontinue any activity or game of the casino without notice to you.
  10. You are solely responsible for keeping your username and account password secure and secret. Disclosing this vital information to third parties is at your own risk. IVIP9 will not be liable for any loss, direct or indirect, that your third party might have caused.
  11. The casino will not be responsible for any internet malfunctions during the player's attempts to participate in its games in ways not intended by the casino.
  12. If you are found guilty of attempting to defraud the casino,the casino reserves the right to publicize your identity together with your actions to appropriate agencies.
  13. IVIP9 reserves the right to monitor comments and to remove comments which can be considered inappropriate, offensive, spiteful or causes breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  14. The casino holds the right to cancel your account if you are not of legal age, provide misleading or identification information or engage in our promotions and cash before completing the requirements regarding that particular promotion.
  15. You agree that there is a risk of losing money when gambling, and you are solely responsible for any loss.
  16. IVIP9 will consider an account inactive if the player does not access his statement after 12 months. You may need to contact us to reactivate your account. 
  17. A person seeking reactivation of account won’t be required to pay administrative charges but may be required to pay maintenance of account fee.
  18. Closure of account is available to any player either for a definite period or indefinite period. Our customer service will like you to state the reasons why you wish to close your account.
  19. If winnings are not credited into your account due to technical errors, you must stop playing immediately and contact us in order to examine the game transactions and rectify accordingly.
  20. Once a game has finished, its results cannot be changed. We retain the right to either accept or not accept game results.
  21. Any additional terms and conditions for participation in our promotions or related activity will be specified on the website from time to time.
The terms and conditions above are effective right after you click on "yes, I accept the terms and conditions." They remain valid until canceled in line with the requirements stated above.


To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we exclude all warranties, representations, and conditions regarding our website including the use of this website.

So far the information on the website are provided free of charge, we will not be liable for any loss or damgae of any kind.

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