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IVIP9 online poker is an increasing segment of the IVIP9 gambling platform. With it's major audience found in majorly the youth population.

Although Singapore doesn't have good laws guiding the gambling Industry, online poker enthusiasts can be able to sign up under different online poker sites like IVIP9, all the player needs to do is create an account and login to start playing and you get to choose from the games listed on the site.

One big difference between physical a live poker and online poker room is that online poker rooms have a physical location but not necessarily for housing table, boards and chairs but it's rather to house their customer service staff, internet servers and any other personnel that supports the smooth running of the business.

Here in IVIP9 new players are real important because it is trying to gradually cement it's place as the best online poker site. It may come as a surprise to many people that you can play online poker easily without any hurdles.

 Unlike every other online poker site, IVIP9 offers you online poker real money in a safe and secure environment without stress.

Popular Online Poker Games On IVIP9 Singapore

Contrary to physical poker gaming, online poker sites offers much more when it comes to gaming. A large selection of games including free games are all features of the IVIP9 online poker. Few of these games include:

a. Zynga poker

This is one of the most popular poker online game. Known popularly as the social media game, it was launched in 2007 and developed by Zynga for ten social media game for Facebook.`

In then year 2011, broke the record for the largest poker site in the world with over 38 million players under their belt. Zynga poker has a cool feature where it allows players to simulate playing card poker games ina social gaming environment.

b. Texas Hold 'em:

This is one of the most popular variants of card poker games. It involves community cards available to all players. There are several other games that use five community cards like Royal hold' em which has the same structure but the deck only contains Aces, Kings, Queens, Jack and Tens. This is a household game.

In Texas Hold'em Players compete for an amount of money which could also be contributed by the players themselves this money is called "pot". The game is basically divided into deals where players are left with the option to make wise decision and bet towards winning the pot. 

Knowing when to bet, raise or fold. Winning poker players work to boost their opponents betting and to also maximize their own expected gain on each round of betting.

The ability of people to play online poker easily, has hugely contributed to the increase in popularity of the Texas Hold'em game. Online poker sites like IVIP9 allows new players to try out the game for just the experience and also provide a platform where players can earn and win big online tournaments.

c. Solitaire

It is hard to see someone who has never had an encounter with the card solitaire game. Created in the 1990s solitaire has become a staple game in the hearts of millions. It is an exciting way pass the time, entertain guests or just simply a means of earning a side income through betting. Wether you are in a mood, feeling lazy or just unmotivated. Solitaire might just be a great boost for you.

The main objective of this strategy game is to place all four cards into a foundation slot where these cards must be in the same suit in ascending order.(Ace to king).

Solitaire games have a wide range of selection to fit the players taste.

  • Card solitaire
  • Free call solitaire
  • Spider solitaire
  • Scorpion solitaire
  • Wasp solitaire etc.

d. Mahjong

Mahjong is a tile matching puzzle game of tiles where players have to match the same tiles to erase them from the board. Mahjong is a strategy game, so players are always advised to think twice before making any moves.

e. Blackjack

Blackjack is an online poker card game that pits player versus dealer. In blackjack popularly known as 21, players must decide what they want to bet before hand.

Players get to deal or withdraw, once you click deal two cards are set to the dealer and the game automatically generates the result, this process goes on for both opposing teams.

How To Play IVIP9 Online Poker Games?

Getting started is pretty simple. All that is required of you is to visit your preferred poker site that you want to join and click on the 'join now' button.
Then you continue by filling out the form that asks for details such as contact address, name, Email and so on. Once you click submit a verification would be sent to you almost immediately to verify and register your account. 

To start betting you would have to make a deposit into your betting account, the most common methods of depositing money is through credit and debit cards, bank wires are also acceptable. A small charge fee will be collected, after your first deposit a welcome bonus. Here in IVIP9 online poker players get to receive 200% bonus.

From here players usually have access to several promotions to take advantage of while playing. Most importantly you get to win and earn cash by participating in playing online poker real money games.


a. Is IVIP9 online poker game safe and secure?

Absolutely, IVIP9 online poker site ensures the safety of it's users by using the two factor authentication system for it's users.

b. How can I win the IVIP9 online poker games?

It is pretty simple, sign up and start playing, the more you play the greater your chances of winning.

c. Does IVIP9 online poker ensure maximum payout?

Yes, IVIP9 ensures it's winning players get their entitled rewards.


Now you know how the IVIP9 online poker site works. You are free to explore the world of several poker games and also get to participate in big earnings. IVIP9 has been to bridge the gap between physical and online poker games, thanks to them players can now get to play their favourite online poker games conveniently without any struggles.

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