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The launch of the Singapore online gambling area is just the latest development in the long history of betting in the city-state. For decades, there has been a deep gambling community in Singapore, from the lucrative gambling farms of the early 1800s to the high-end casinos of today. 

Even before the government declared plans to develop luxury gambling resorts in Marina South and Sentosa in 2004, Singapore players had already invested billions of dollars in lottery and sports betting every year. 

Excluding illegal betting, S$7 billion was spent on gambling in 2004, with a turnover of $4 billion registered by Singapore Pools, the state-owned lottery operator. Introducing online casinos such as IVIP9 brought about a positive change in this history.

Popular IVIP9 Sport Betting Games

If you're starting with online sports betting, we suggest starting with the sports here in Singapore that attract the most punters. As a country, these are the sports with which we have been fascinated for decades, as well as new favourites that have increased in popularity in recent years.

a. Football Betting

This is Singapore's most popular spectator sport and is just as popular on betting sites as well. Although betting on the Singapore Premier League (SPL) is always open, many gamblers prefer to place their bets on big competitions from around the world, such as the UK's English Premier League or Italy's Serie A or even Spain's La Liga. 

There is also extensive betting on the European Champions League, UEFA Europa League and international competitions, particularly the World Cup.

- Pros of Football Betting

  • Lots of strategies and several betting options. 
  • Minor difference in odds. Quotes do not shift very much, unlike tennis and basketball, so that you can put a wager on favourable terms.
  • A large number of matches every day, and on weekdays bookmakers will have more than 500 matches. Often, bookmakers allow in-play bets, and there is over a thousand such event daily. 

- Cons of Football Betting

  • There is a need for careful study and analysis before staking. Not only should the statistics be read, but every match should be evaluated by bettors hoping to win.
  • Football is filled with surprises. It could happen that during the last training session, the main players will drop out, or the games are affected by the weather conditions. The coaching staff also impact the form and morale of the team.

b. Basketball Betting

In Singapore, basketball has long been popular, with the national team of the country often performing well in regional competitions. But you can wager on big basketball tournaments around the world at several betting sites. 

This primarily means the NBA in North America, although wagering on European and Asian basketball leagues and tournaments are also provided by some bookies.

- Pros of Basketball Betting

  • Wide range of basketball leagues to bet on.
  • A lot of basketball events are available for in-play betting.

- Cons of Basketball Betting

  • Very low odd on the most predictable market
  • You need to stock up on money while implementing some tactics, which most of the times need big investments.

c. Cricket Betting

Singapore may not be a world power for cricketing, but the sport is very common in the country, particularly when it comes to contests against Malaysia and other neighbouring nations. 

Singapore betting sites like the Indian Premier League provide action on test matches, ODI play, and domestic leagues. You can also bet on such big sporting events as the World Cup of Cricket.

- Pros of Cricket Betting

  • Browsing statistical details and making analysis on the cricket games, the tournament table and head-to-heads can drastically increase the chance of winning. Considering crucial factors, such as line-ups, injuries and weather conditions, gives the bettor a clear advantage.
  • Crickets generally have high odds.

- Cons of Cricket Betting

  •  The result of the game mostly depends on how good the bowler and the batsman are, making it difficult to predict.

d. Tennis Betting

Throughout the year, there are plenty of tennis tournaments to bet on, from Grand Slams to smaller tournaments in far-flung parts of the world. 

In recent years, online tennis betting has grown in popularity as online sports betting has become more socially acceptable. People are starting to understand that when you have some cash on the result, tennis matches are just that much more exciting.

Tennis betting is one of the world's most popular sports to bet on; there are tournaments for nine months of the year nowadays, so there are plenty of chances to place your bets. 

Many bookies in Singapore offer a lot of different markets. There are several ways to bet on tennis, but betting on the winner of one of the four majors is a good place to start. The bets are, of course, suited to the gameplay and the tennis rules.

- Pros of Tennis Betting

  • A large number of sports bet markets per game.
  • There is no outcome of any draw. You only need to pick one of two results when betting on tennis – player one wins (P1) or player two wins (P2). This gives you a mathematic probability of 50%.

- Cons of Tennis Betting

  • The subjectivity of several factors. We are talking about the psychological condition of the player. If a tennis player has a bad day, then even a weaker opponent will defeat him.
  • Injury leads to failure: If a player is injured and the match is unable to proceed, it would be deemed a loss.


a. Is creating a player's account free?

Yes, it is totally free at all time; registration and membership at any online sports betting site in Singapore are absolutely free. For using their gambling sites, none of the providers charges any fees or bills. Gamblers determine where, when and how long they will play.

b. Can I open an account and play in SGD?

Yes, several sport betting sites in Singapore offer the opportunity to play in Singapore Dollars. In other instances, you can deposit in SGD and, at current exchange rates, the bookmaker will credit the account in another currency.

c. Is online Singapore sport betting legal ?

Yes, since 1968, when sports betting Singapore Pools were founded, sports betting has been legal in Singapore. In 2016, online gaming was legalised.

Overview of IVIP9 Sport Betting in Singapore

Online sports betting has been identified as the next level in the development of online gaming in the Singapore online gambling industry. Individuals of all ages are currently playing in their millions. 

There are thousands of players in some of the bigger gambling networks who play those games all time. The quality of gambling websites available and the choice of games have never been so great with this industry expanding at such a rapid pace. 

Visit IVIP9 official website and get yourself online for hours of entertainment and an opportunity to make money. You can also get the sport bet app download if you’d love to play on the go.

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