IVIP9 - Best 3D Slot Games In Singapore 2024

3d slot casino are video slot games designed to provide high level graphics that make the screen look like it is in 3D. Unlike the movies you do not need 3d glasses to view this, but main goal of the 3d casino designers is to create an experience that matches the feeling perfectly.

3d slot machine represent a new generation of video slots. They introduce into the gambling Industry a new concept of a free slot games with unbeatable graphics. 

The action and fun packed adventure of this 3d animated gameplay combined with rich visuals and sound is what makes playing 3d slot machine games an unforgettable experience.

The main goal here is to make the on-screen action as real as possible to the player. Furthermore, the themes used in these games can go from adventure to romantic genres.

At the moment not many online casinos can offer the services of 3d slot machine games because of how new the technology is. However IVIP9 online casino is one of the few who have acquired this feature. With the advancement of technology 3d slot machine enthusiasts are sure of easy access to more 3d games in the nearest future.

Popular 3D Slot Games On IVIP9 Casino

IVIP9 has been able to deliver quality 3d slot machine games to it's audience whilst striving to be the best online casino in Singapore. The following highlights the few 3d slot games available on the IVIP9 online casino.

a. Kingmaker

King maker is an online 3d slot game that depicts the theme of royalty where a king rules his castle. This castle is set at the edge of a beautiful lake with high mountains surrounding it's horizon. It is definitely a compelling 3d slot online game.

Let's decipher it's gameplay: Most online slots would require it's players to spin three or more matching gems across all paying lines but in this game all you need to do is to get three exact matching symbols on adjacent reels to win a cash prize.

King maker is categorised as a medium- to high volatility online slot game, which simply means you get to have the most fun and adventure out if every slot spinning session.

To play this game on the IVIP9 3d slot online all that is required of you is to visit the IVIP9 official Website create an account or login (if you are a regular visitor) and decide on your bet and keep the reels spinning.

b. Lost Slot

Lost is a 5-reel, 3- row and 30- payline 3d video slot game. This slot game is equipped with a bonus game feature where you can try out the game first before Staking any amount to bet with. 

The character citing in this game depicts the role of characters like Indiana Jones and Lara croft. Any player who plays this game is going to absolutely love the lost slot game. Fun, exciting, interesting gameplay and non stop adventure. It is a full package.

Play lost slot online for free at the IVIP9 official Website.

c. Black Gold

Black Gold is a 5-reel, 3- row and 30-payline 3d video slot game. A players bet level here varies from 2 cents to €75 and the jackpot here is 10000 coins.

The theme of this game centers around O'l Bill who is just a common man until he tried his hands at oil business. He toiled and dug till he found till he found gold and became the richest man in his country. We urge any player playing this game to dig deeper and play Black Gold by simply visiting the IVIP9 official Website.

d. Mega Gems

This video slot game is a fancy looking game with various animated mini actions, bringing alot of lights and colour to life. In gem stone themed slot game there are no free spins, you either win or loose.

The wild symbol gem stone is represented by a neon of seben glowing hexagons joined together which would be spun during the game to increase a players chances of winning the big jackpot.

3 jackpot symbols appearing on the reels 1,2,3,4 will help in winning the progressive jackpot prize.

How To Start Playing 3D Slot Games On IVIP9?

To play 3d video slot games on the IVIP9 platform all you need to do is:

  • Open your browser to visit the official website.
  • Click on the tab where you see 3d.
  • As a new player you would have to create an account by clicking sign up, when this happens you fill a brief form asking you to fill in things name, address, valid  Email address and so on. After this process a confirmation message would be sent to you to confirm if you are the real user of the account.
  • As an old player, you would have to sign into your account and then proceed by clicking on the 3D tab where you would have access to the various 3d games.
  • After creating an account the next step is to deposit money used for gambling into your mobile wallet account. Usually a small fee charge would be taken to enable the success of this transaction.
  • As soon as money has been deposited into your bet account. You would have an unlimited access to place bets and increase your stakes of winning. It literally takes less than 20 minutes to finish.


As you can see IVIP9 has put down all these mechanisms in place to ensure it seals it's position as the best online casino in Asia. Paying attention to the 3d casino has always been a top priority for IVIP9.

The only goal here is to ensure that the members of this platform get to enjoy their betting experience without any struggles attached.


a. Is the 3d casino safe?

Yes, the 3d casino in IVIP9 is a 100 percent safe and secure.

b. How many 3d slot machine game are available?

A huge number of games are available in IVIP9, visit IVIP9 today and play your preferred choice game.

c. Is creating an account in IVIP9 free?

Absolutely, creating an account is 100 free of charge.

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