About IVIP9 Online Casino Singapore

IVIP9 is a fast-rising online casino that offers a wide range of quality gaming products to its players.


At IVIP9, we aspire to establish a fast, secure platform for activities, transparent, user-friendly, and fair in operations and payment. We will build our reputation on effectiveness and efficiency while creating an excellent site that is accessible and reliable.


We believe that with hard work, commitment and diligence, we will become the best Online casino in Singapore and the whole of Asia. We are constantly evolving and upgrading ourselves to cater to the requirements and needs of our players. 

This is why we ensure that our players enjoy a hitch-free activity and enjoy their time on the platform. We have a reputation to uphold, and we are always out to defend our integrity.

We want to bring the best to our customers by capitalizing on excellence and quality. We want to host a website that gives a beautiful user experience to our clients. 

It will be well-designed, functional, and flexible enough to provide you with the best that you deserve. It is easy to use, and the operations and technicalities can be mastered in not much time.

Also, we will regularly update our website and bring notifications to your doorstep. Our platform is optimized, and our lines are accessible anytime, any day. 

Our customer support team is ready to attend to all the complaints and ensure that you have a fantastic experience on the site. We can only be the best Online Casino in Singapore if we give out the best to others.

Why You Should Trust Us ?

a. Safety and Security

We understand that a partnership with us would require some sensitive details which should not be made public, and this is why we have ensured that your account information is safe with us. 

Your details are well encrypted, and only you have access to them as there is no third-party interference in our relationship. Every player wants to confirm that their details are safe, their money is in safe hands, and this is what we do. 

Our payment system is secure and well established. We have a variety of payment options which include Cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards payment, bank transfers, and other mobile payment systems that are reliable and trustworthy. 

There are some instances where the price or withdrawal system will be specified, but all this is in a bid to enforce and guarantee your funds' security. All our hands are on deck to ensure that the site remains the safest Online Casino in Singapore.

b. Attractive Bonuses

Most websites have a reward system where customers can get access to bonuses when they sign up or continue to play. We do that also. But unlike other Online Casino Singapore, we don't offer peanuts. 

We understand that giving value for free is a sign of trust and reliability, which we do. We provide attractive bonuses whenever you complete specific tasks on the site. We make the lessons easy to comprehend and instruction that is not difficult or cumbersome. 

The rewards can be in the form of tokens, cash, or even coupon codes. We also offer promotions to ensure that we establish a great rapport with our customers by honoring them and recognizing their performance.

c. Variety of Game

We want our players to see gambling as a serious business and as an entertaining venture. We want them to have fun and enjoy their stay at our Online Casino Singapore, and this can only do when there is an excellent variety of games to pick from. 

We want our players to choose their preferences and not just be limited to one or some fun. Therefore, our site hosts numerous games, ranging from Slot Machines to Blackjack to Bingo and others. 

The games come in different languages and are available on Android, IOS, and other major operating systems. We also showcase the sports markets, staking limits and every other thing. 

We know that rules vary, and so our operators are working tirelessly to resolve issues that might spring up or discrepancies of any sort. We are always ready because this is what we do.

d. Exclusive VIP Customer Service

As we work hard to ensure that all the players have the best experience, we understand that some individuals like to enjoy and play their game more comfortably. So, we have a special offer for players who want to stand out and relate with us at a unique level. 

This VIP offer is exclusive and is more of private interaction with the player. We offer deals and packages tailored to meet the client's need, and this is to ensure that they get value in exchange for their subscription. 

This ensures that they feel at home, boost their confidence in our vision, and establish a long-term relationship with them. All these and more are in a bid to ensure that we are the best Online Casino in Singapore.

What’s next? 

You can join us today. Visit our homepage and click on the “JOIN” tab. Once you log in, you can start playing!

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