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Fishing casino game has been around for while now, first appearing in Asia in the early 2000s the game became popular amongst the locals and tourists akin. 

These games back then housed huge arcade machines that could accommodate between 4 and 8 people to play at the same time. Over the years the game grew in popularity and eventually can be found in gambling shops around the world.

People around the world have had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of gambling related activities. Either on a skill or luck based level. Games like blackjack, poker, roulette and many others have been here for decades and counting. 

Since the inception of technology and the internet, experts have invented new ways of steadily improving the online casino in Singapore. This has played a huge role in how new and existing players enjoy these online casino games. 

Fishing games have taken the world by storm by not just including fishing themes to slot machine games but also by making their way into the online market. 

As technology continues to advance you can now enjoy the best fishing games in Singapore on the IVIP9 website and this can also be played on the Go.

Types of fishing Casino games available online in IVIP9 Singapore

Although these game are mainly considered gambling games where you can win cash prizes. They are usually action packed which would in turn increase the fun and excitement like the shooting fish games, arcade fish games and fish hunting games:

The list of these games include the following;

i. Fish shooting games

is a type of shooting fish game, where the games combine the thrill of fun and adventure with betting and winning, there is never a dull moment. One would think that games like this would be suitable for gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStations. Gameplay on both online or any local gambling spot, is quite similar.

To get started a player needs to deposit the amount of money he/she would wish to play with. Then the next step is to select an amount you wish to spend on a shot to kill a fish. There are usually three options to pick from. 

For instance bet 90-100 or 100- 1000. Each of these range would allow you to shoot more bullets by giving 1,2,3 cannons to fire at given intervals. Each shot you take would subtract the same amount you selected to bet from your total balance. 

If you can kill fishes in the game, you will receive points assigned to the fish that you killed. There are two distinct features of online fish games while targeting they include;

  • Targeting: this is done by clicking twice on the target that you want to kill, this means that the bullet would approach the fish swimming around the table. You just have to double click to kill.
  • Auto shoot: this feature is done by just doubling clicking on a position without the fish, then the bullets would fire continuously to where you have chosen. This is a wasteful tactic.

Nowadays players can easily play fish casino games online because this game has been endorsed by casinos worldwide. With this you do not need to go to a fishing table or wait several hours to enjoy your game, with a good internet access you can simply log into any fishing casino table site and play. 

The coins gotten from playing these games can be exchanged into real money and also can be transferred into a valid bank account, however players should remember that the bigger the fish, the more difficult it is to catch and kill.

If you are a new player, you need not worry about loosing money because some websites like Cashbet247 offers free playing trials for beginners before playing online shooting fish game with real money.

- Pros of fish casino shooting games

  • The games are thrilling and exciting.
  • They can be played online with the use of a laptop or any mobile device.
  • Coins gotten can easily be converted into money.
  • It is safe, fast and secure

- Cons of fish casino shooting games

  • Games may not pay according to the games true odds of winning.
  • Players tend to spend more money in purchasing bullets.

ii. Fish hunting games

Over the last few years fish hunting casino games have a gained popularity in the casino industry, these games can be played online with a computer, mobile device and a tablet. Many casinos now offer fish themed games that offer coins and huge cash prizes. If you are a player searching to experiment a new type of gambling game, fish hunting games are definitely perfect for you. 

The point of this game is to kill as many fish, and also sea creatures as possible to gain coins and unlock bonus items. Each time you kill your multiplier gets increased and the game becomes tougher. 

The higher the value of an item the more coins and bigger multipliers you would receive. Some games even offer small mini games where you can test your skill and earn some coins. 

To play you will need to aim your cannon using a mouse or a joystick and press a button to fire your ammo in order to kill as many creatures as possible. Remember the game continues until you run out of ammo or decide to cash out your earnings.

- Pros of fish hunting casino games

  • No limits: No need to bother about checking the time when playing. Players can decide to play any game without restrictions because the games are open 24/7 as long as you have the energy and the budget to play. Games can be played during office breaks or even at home with the family.
  • Top notch¬† graphics:¬† An added advantage of playing hunting games is that the imagery is beautiful and crisp, 3d view, authentic and detailed sound. No wonder why people are addicted to playing.

- Cons of fish hunting casino games

  • Addiction: players who play these games often are most likely to get addicted. This can lead to loss and consequently bankruptcy. Players are advised to engage with intention to avoid loosing all the time.
  • Cost of playing: in most cases a good people don't have the ability to finance playing all the time, as winning is not guaranteed on every play.


a. Are fish casino games legal in Singapore?

No, but with exceptions, the gambling Industry in Singapore is tightly regulated to keep the industry free from crime.

b. Can coins be converted into real cash?

Absolutely, coins earned during gameplay can be turned into cash. This is why it is known as the win real money fish game.

c. Can I play on mobile?

Yes, there are mobile options either through your web browser or app download

Overview of IVIP9 Fishing Casino in Singapore

For both beginners and professional betting players, arcade fish games and shooting fish games respectively are not only ways to earn money but they also serve as a means to relive stress and entertain the populace. These games will take you to the next level of excitement among all other casino games. 

For any intending player get your boat and be ready to explore the amazing world of underwater creatures.

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