IVIP9 Affiliate Program 2024

Welcome to the IVIP9 affiliate program.

An exclusive online affiliate program crafted and established on the learnings acquired from years of experience covering every aspect of the gaming industry. 

In conjunction with our profitable and multi-gaming industry, principles of business give you access to various promotional offers, non-static deals, and affiliate support under a trustworthy and secure gaming environment. 

Our competent managers are available to help you achieve your objectives. While you have any questions, kindly visit IVIP9 official website to contact our support team.

Why IVIP9 Affiliates ?

At IVIP9, we are committed to finding the best valuable and competitive plans that work best just for you by presenting various programs using the best tools through outstanding promotions created. 

You see what you get as we recognize that our most significant assets are our affiliate partners. As you get started in every one of your steps, our excellent team of professionals will make it all about you as we strive to build and maintain a genuine long-term partnership with each of our affiliates and improve our mutual success. 

Our exciting and friendly website brings a thrilling experience whenever and wherever we use an interface that allows you to easily navigate and give a clear description of the products we provide.

a. Trusted Brands

All our brands operate on a propriety platform as our gaming environment is under multiple brands. We always ensure we maximize your commissions as your success rate determines ours also; therefore, we provide a partnership with trusted brands to build an outstanding positive experience with you.

b. High Commission Rates

We strongly believe that excellent performance should be appropriately rewarded. IVIP9 affiliate program offers one of the most competitive gaming rates and a wide range of highly cited plans with up to 40% revenue share.

c. Excellent Marketing Tools

Using performance-based ranked marketing enterprise, various free content and advertising tools that can be easily optimized for a campaign are available. Our support team is readily available to ensure you maximize the devices in the best way you can, and it includes a tracking kit. 

Our various marketing tools are available in different languages to provide our players feel at home.

d. Bonus and Promotions

As we reward you for your hard work, we also offer varieties of bonuses and promotions that we hope always to renew your experience with us.

e. Payment Options

A variety of payment methods is provided for you to select the best for you. To find out the available ways for you, click on the drop-down menu.

f. Class

Either big or small, we guarantee our members the exclusive and VIP treatment you require.

How to Join Our Affiliate Programs ?

Complete the signup form to join our IVIP9 affiliate program and complete every necessary field therein. All the information you provide is completely secure.

To join our IVIP9 affiliate program, you must accept our terms and conditions by checking the box while submitting the affiliate application, which forms an integral part of the affiliate agreement.

We decide whether or not to accept an affiliate application that is not subject to any right of appeal. A notification would be sent to you whether your application has been successful through email.

Certain documents will be required to be provided to verify the affiliate application and affiliate account information during the term of the agreement. Documents to be provided may include individual identity papers, proof of address, and bank statements but are not limited to these.

While registering with our IVIP9 affiliate program, ensure you provide us with the correct information as wrong inputs of information can nullify or lead to your application's rejection. After the validation of your account then you are ready to start earning.

How to Earn Profit ?

a. CPA

Cost per acquisition points to a fee paid to an affiliate as compensation for generating traffic online and referrals to our website.

The CPA (Cost per Acquisition) model rewards you as an affiliate with a flat fee for every player sent by you that makes a deposit. You, as an affiliate, receive your commission; either the players win or lose. However, CPA profit varies depending on the product type and its market.

Every player sent must meet the laid down requirements, register an account, and participate in the online activity. The more players you bring, the more your earnings per player.

b. The Revenue Based System

This model is based on referral. You are incentivized to send more profiting traffic to earn more money. For example, your revenue shares for players ranging from 1-9 is 25%, 10-49 30%, 50-99 35%, 100-499 40%, and above 500 players 45%. 

The more traffic you send, the more your earnings.

c. Hybrid Deals

A combination of CPA and revenue shares gives you a hybrid deal. The needs of every affiliate are different. Therefore, at IVIP9 Singapore we work with you to help determine the best commission plan that suits you.

Payment Method
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