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For clarity purposes: Lottery is a type of gambling which involves the drawing of lots for a prize. Although lottery is prohibited by some governments, others may endorse on the terms of coordinating a state or National lottery under several terms of laws and regulations. Online lottery in Singapore is widely known to be illegal,

Lottery is also banned in Singapore, as it is also a form of gambling, nonetheless public lotteries are authorized if they fall under one of the statutory exceptions in the common gaming housing Act (CGHA). Various online lottery games in Singapore are available on IVIP9 official website.

Types of online lottery games available in Singapore

i. Toto Gaming

Otherwise known as TOTO. Is a legalized form of online lottery in Singapore. Established in June 9, 1968 to control the Epidemic of illegal gambling in the country, TOTO is the only legal Lottery operator in Singapore and it is run by the Singapore Pools. As of 2015, it rose to be the second most popular type of gambling activity in Singapore. It has been termed a very simple and colour friendly game. 

There are many versions in the TOTO game itself like the toto 4d, toto 6d etc. In Singapore the most played version is the toto with 6 digits. Although toto Gaming has established itself with tons of offline betting shops. In September 2016 Toto became available online and the Totogaming.com launched in 2017.

This Singapore Lottery game can be played online from anywhere across Singapore either with the use of a mobile device or a laptop with valid account details, this is an easy way to experience playing lottery games in a fast and easy environment. 

Players need to select numbers from 0-49, using this game tactic would increase the chances of a player winning when the draw starts.

Open to both beginners and experts, players are guaranteed of a good experience each time they use the website to play any game of their choice.

- Pros of TOTO Lottery Game

  1. Website is compatible with all mobile devices. Available on both the Android and iOS store.
  2. Free and easy registration process.
  3. Good welcome bonuses and offers.
  4. Modern and user friendly design.

- Cons of TOTO Lottery Game

  1. Mobile app is only available for a few countries.

ii. 4-Digit

also abbreviated as 4D established in May 19, 1966 is an online lottery game in Singapore which is regulated by the Singaporean pools. 

Players get to pick fixed odd games, individuals play by choosing any number from the range of 0000 to 9999 after this process twenty- three numbers are drawn at intervals, a predetermined player has to purchase a 4 digit number, So if any number matches the one that the player bought, automatically a prize is won by that particular player. 

Draws are organized every Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday to select the winning numbers. Open to anyone above the legalized gambling age of 18. Players can also participate in the 4D game through the online betting system or buy tickets from any physical outlet to play. To compete in the 4D game players are expected to make the following entries

  • A 4D roll entry
  • System entry
  • an iBet entry; or 
  • An ordinary entry.

Prize money and winning money are relevant to only the online casino Singapore, ranges from $50 - huge earnings of up to $20000. The winning amount solely depends on the type of bet and the category to which the respective winning number was assigned. 

Singapore 4d is an intriguing game, you get to be in charge of the bet you pick, which further states that you are also in charge of the amount you win. If you are a player whose mind is blown by this, then you will most definitely be satisfied with everything the 4D has to offer.

- Pros of 4D Lotto

  • It is safe, fast and secure: players don't get to fall victim to scammers or forgery because proof of payments done online are registered by the playing websites.
  •  They offer Convenience of playing online: you don't have to worry about going to any store as you can always play on your PC or any mobile device at your preferred website.
  • There are four additional prize tiers just in case you didn't get to win the highest tier.
  • Payout is guaranteed, so when you even play online you still get to claim your prizes and rewards at a particular given time. Also you get to receive notifications whenever you get lucky.
  • Online Lottery players in Singapore don't have to pay taxes on the amounts they've earned through the lottery.

- Cons of 4D Lotto

  • Chances of winning the lottery are very slim: just like gambling, most of the time games are run with the concept of luck, so players may experience loads of losses rather than wins. So the odds of winning over loosing is lean. 
  • There is no information about the biggest amount that has been won in the history of the game.
  • There is no way to play 4D Singapore online from another country.
  • The prizes for low bet stakes are not impressive.


a. Is online lottery legal in Singapore?

No, but interested individuals could still partake legally through authorized organizations.

b. Do online sites accept SGD?

Some sites accept SGD, there are no online lotto sites in Singapore that accept players from Singapore and allow making deposit transactions in SGD. 

What players should know is that you can make a deposit on an online lottery site that doesn't accept your currency, but that site would in turn make a currency exchange on your behalf, this happens for free in some cases, in others it may cost a little fee.

c. Can players deposit via Skrill, Neteller, Paypal and PlaySafeCard?

Yes, players can deposit through this payment options. MasterCard and Visa card usage is also supported.

d. Are there credible lotto sites accepting players from Singapore?

Yes there are websites like the:

  • 1xBET lottery
  • The lotter
  • Lotto Agent

All but to name a few. Players can always browse through and find the one that meets their requirements.

Overview of IVIP9 Online Lottery in Singapore

The online lottery world in Singapore is sure to always give its users the best experience. And this doesn't matter if an individual is an expert or a novice. 

Transactions are also carried out in a fast and secure way, nowadays we do not have any need to thread through the traditional route of standing and waiting in a long queue just to buy tickets, when all these can be done online in the safety and comfort of your couch. 

Earnings and winnings can also be accessed through the online websites. Get on board today by visting IVIP9 website and you can be assured of a good time.

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